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ကျွန်မတနေ့က အသက်၈နှစ်သာရှိသေးတဲ့ သမီးလေး Little Chef ရဲ့ ဟင်းချက်ပုံကို Facebook မှာကြည့်မိပါတယ်။ သူ့ဟင်းချက်ပုံချက်နည်း ပစ္စည်းကိုင်ပုံကိုင်နည်းတွေက အသက်နဲ့မလိုက်အောင် ယုံကြည်မှုအပြည့်နဲ့မို့ ကျွန်မ အရမ်းလေးစားမိသွားပါတယ်။ သမီးလေးနဲ့သူ့မေမေကို interview ထားတာကိုထပ်ကြည့်လိုက်တော့မှ သူ့မေမေရဲ့ သမီးလေးအပေါ် ယုံကြည်မှုပြုစုပျိုးထောင်ပေးတာလေးကို လေးစားစရာထပ်တွေ့လိုက်ပါတယ်။ သမီးလေးရဲ့မေမေ ဟန်နီချိုဟာ Mrs. Universe 2019 ဆိုတာလည်း အဲတော့မှသိတာပါ။ ကျွန်မ သမီးလေးရော သူ့မေမေကိုပါ မသိပါ။ အပြင်မှာလဲ မမြင်ဘူးပါ။ ဒါပေမယ့် အရမ်းလေးစားမိသွားပါတယ်။ ဒါနဲ့ Confidence အကြောင်းကို စာတိုလေးနဲ့ရေးဖြစ်တာပါ။ ကျွန်မက Self-development ကို သင်ကြားပေးနေတဲ့ ပညာရှင်တစ်ယောက်လည်း မဟုတ်သလို life coach တစ်ယောက်လည်းမဟုတ်တဲ့အတွက် English learners များအတွက် စာဖတ်စရာစာတိုတစ်ခုအနေနဲ့သာရေးထားပါတယ်။ ကိုယ့်အတွက် confidence ရှိဘို့ဟာ အရေးကြီးသလို၊ မိမိကိုယ်ကိုယ် ယုံကြည်မှုနည်းခြင်း၊ ယုံကြည်မှုမရှိခြင်း၊ အလွန်အမင်း ယုံကြည်မှုရှိခြင်းအကြောင်းများရဲ့ ဆိုးကျိုးရလဒ်တွေကို ယေဘူယျအနေနဲ့သာ ရေးသားထားတာဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ စာဖတ်ရင်း စာအရေးအသား စကားလုံးအသုံးအနှုန်းအသစ်လေးများကို လေ့လာနိုင်ကြပါစေ။

Lack of confidence or Low-confidence

When one lacks confidence or has no confidence, one will be too daunted to face any situation since he or she believes that they have little ability to solve and overcome the problem. Lack of confidence or low-confidence stems from how we have been brought up, and how we have been taught to react to certain situations. Our environmental and societal surroundings can inhibit us making our confidence grow less. That is how we no longer believe in ourselves, and instead, we think too much of what others will think of us. This prevents us from achieving things that we want or need. You may ask if it can ever be remedied. The answer is YES. Good news is there are many ways to boost or regain our lost confidence. There are a lot of courses even online on how to build up your confidence and even to reach self-mastery.



Confidence simply means having faith in yourself, feeling sure of yourself and your abilities. Having confidence means you are capable of facing your everyday challenges in a realistic and secure way. It is one of the basic requirements everyone, old and young alike, should have to overcome obstacles in life and then succeed. Is it something innate or is it something that we can nurture? It may not be too easy to validate, but it is truly believed that confidence can be nurtured. One’s upbringing and surroundings are integral parts of developing one’s confidence. In other words, it is the outcome of how we have been brought up, and how we have learned to react to certain situations. What we learn through our experiences affects what we believe about ourselves and other people. Accordingly, with no confidence, what would the result be? With low confidence or no confidence, people are likely to avoid opportunities since they do not believe in their capabilities.


It is unquestionable that having confidence is one of the desirable attributes of a human being. But the danger is when it becomes overconfidence, you start believing in yourself that you can do anything even though you do not have the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge to perform it well. That is how people with overconfidence face failure. When you become overly confident, you tend to act arrogantly towards others while you do not really have what it takes. Thereby, it is very much likely that one can lose the trust of people who depend on you. Being overly confident, one may take things for granted, and he or she is likely to make bad decisions which can ultimately affect their studies, career, business and even life in worst-case scenarios.

Let me sum up here with my own quote.


Lack of confidence can be a barrier to your dreams. Hence, ‘confidence’ is a requirement to reach your goal. However, overconfidence can lead you to pitfalls.
By Haymar Maung

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