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Teaching Vocabulary (with Zulu reading passage)


အခု ဆောင်းပါးတိုလေးကတော့ ဆရာဆရာမ ငယ်များနဲ့ သားသမီးများကို ကိုယ်တိုင်အိမ်မှာ စာသင်ပေးနေကြသော မိဘများအတွက် ရည်ရွယ်ပါတယ်။ ကျွန်မရဲ့ စာတိုဆောင်းပါးတိုတွေက အင်္ဂလိပ်စာလေ့လာသူတိုင်းအတွက် ရည်ရွယ်ပေမယ့် ဒီနေ့တော့ စာသင်ရာမှာ အထောက်အကူဖြစ်စေမလားရည်ရွယ်ချက်နဲ့ ရေးထားခြင်းဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ ကျွန်မ မနက်ကနိုးလာချိန် Facebook မှာ ရွှေသွေးဂျာနယ်များ page ကိုဖတ်လိုက်ရချိန် Zulu လူမျိုးများအကြောင်းရေးထားတဲ့ စာလေးတွေ့လိုက်ရပါတယ်။ ကျွန်မရဲ့ငယ်ခလေးဘဝကိုပြန်ရောက်သွားသလိုပါပဲ။ ခလေးတွေအကြိုက် ကာတွန်းလေးတွေသာမက ဗဟုသုတ တော်တော်ပေးခဲ့တဲ့ ရွှေသွေးဂျာနယ်ပါလားလို့တွေးမိပါတယ်။ ဒါနဲ့ ဒီစာတိုလေးရေးဖြစ်တာပါ။ ကျွန်မ အကျဉ်းချုံးပြီး ဘယ်လို သင်ခန်းစာကို မသင်မှီစဉ်းစားမယ်၊ ဘယ်လိုစိတ်ဝင်စားအောင်သင်လို့ရမယ်ထင်တာလေးတွေ ပြောပေးထားပါတယ်။ ကျွန်မထက် ပိုကောင်းမယ့် အကြံဉာဏ်တွေလဲ ရှိကြမှာပါ။အကျိုးရှိနိုင်ပါစေ။


The Zulu (Zulu: amaZulu) are the largest ethnic group in South Africa. There are 10-11 million Zulu living in South Africa, mostly in KwaZulu-Natal province. A small number of Zulu also live in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique. The Zulu language, called isiZulu, is a Bantu language of the Nguni subgroup.

The Zulu Kingdom was very important in South African history during the 1800s and 1900s. During Apartheid, the Zulu people were third-class citizens and suffered from official discrimination. Today the Zulu people are the largest ethnic group in South Africa and have equal rights.




The Zulu were originally a major clan in the area that is today Northern KwaZulu-Natal. The Zulu clan was started around the year 1709 by Zulu kaNtombhela. In the Nguni languages, the words iZulu, iliZulu, and liTulu mean heaven, or sky.

In the early 1700s, many large Nguni communities and clans lived in the area. These groups were called isizwe (nations) and isibongo (clans). These Nguni communities had migrated down the East coast of Africa over thousands of years. These movements of people were called the Bantu migrations. They probably arrived in what is today South Africa in the 800s.


The passage above is from Whatever supplementary lesson you prepare from any website or any source on the internet, please cite the website or the link where you get the information from. It is simple ethical respect.


Here I have included some suggested ideas for teachers and home-schooling parents to make a lesson plan before teaching.


Just some of my suggested ideas as follows -


Can be a supplementary exercise while:

  • Learning or teaching General English

  • Teaching new vocabulary

  • Increasing General Knowledge through English

  • Supplementary exercise to learning World Geography


Before teaching (for teachers or home-schooling parents)

  • Show selected pictures to the children (either online or in a physical classroom)

  • Elicit questions regarding the topic (that is to increase more interest in the lesson to be taught.


It may also give you some ideas on how much they know already or not)

  • Make sure of the aim of the lesson

  • Make a list of the new words you are going to teach (Make sure you do not teach too many for one lesson)


Make a vocabulary list to teach

  • Ethnic

  • Province

  • Apartheid

  • Third-class citizens

  • Discrimination

  • Equal rights

  • Clan

  • Migrate


Note: while teaching new vocabulary to young learners or adult learners who are just beginners or pre-intermediate level, it is important to give a “simple explanation” in English or it can confuse the learners more. Try not to give direct translation into your own language. At times, with direct translation, the actual meaning may change.


Suggested supplementary exercise may vary. You may have a brief talk with students asking them to compare any ethnic group here in Myanmar with the Zulu so that the lesson can be more interactive.


Last but not least, BE CREATIVE in your teaching according to the level of your language learners.

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